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Are you looking to hire a genealogist to trace your Irish ancestry? Do you want to see if you are eligible for Irish citizenship through descent? Are you a budding genealogist and you want advice on researching a particular aspect of your own family tree? Well our in house genealogist provides you with the help you need. 

With over seven years of professional genealogy research, Oak Ancestry can carry out research on any query related to Irish genealogy no matter how big or small. 

When you hire a genealogist such as Oak Ancestry to research your family history, you will receive the highest quality customer service and detailed researched information. Let us help you build your family tree and explore your roots in Ireland. 

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Hire a Genealogist - Irish Citizenship

When you hire Oak Ancestry to research your family history, you will receive the highest quality service. Let us help you build your family tree and explore your roots in Ireland.

What is a Genealogist?

The main role of a genealogist is to trace ones family history using a range of archive material. A genealogist conducts research into the ancestral background of an individual or a family to establish their linear descent from an Irish ancestor. The main aim is to discover and confirm exactly where in Ireland your ancestor originally came from.

At Oak Ancestry we carry out focused and extensive research into Irish public records, publications and documents. These can include church and court records, parish registers for evidence of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, and more in order to trace ancestral lines of descent. Tracing your Irish ancestry has never been easier when you hire a professional Irish genealogist. Our team at Oak Ancestry are more than happy to help!

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Hire a Genealogist Ireland

Hiring a professional genealogist is the best way to get started on your Irish ancestry journey. Oak Ancestry are focused to complete all Irish family history research to a high quality standard. As professionals, we follow a strict confidentiality code of ethics to ensure that all of your personal information is kept strictly private.

Our Irish genealogy researchers have access to a wide range of Irish public records, including those available at the National Library of Ireland. Sourcing your own documents for your family history can be difficult. As professional genealogy researchers, we know exactly what to look for. When you work with us, you are in very capable hands.

If you wish to check out any work samples, check out our Sample Genealogy Reports

Oak Ancestry has worked with a variety of clients, from the United States to the United Kingdom and we have helped them build their family trees and also to apply for Irish Citizenship. The cost of our Irish genealogy research varies case by case depending on your query. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our genealogy services!


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