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Discovering your Irish ancestry can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Over the past seven years, our team at Oak Ancestry have enjoyed researching the colourful lives of our clients Irish ancestors. We have reconnected long lost family members from Ireland, the United States as well as Canada, the UK and Australia.

When you hire Oak Ancestry to research your Irish Ancestors, you will receive the highest quality customer service. Our research service is thorough and intent on leaving no stone unturned. We provide clear, detailed and socially contextualized family reports. It is our aim to provide you with a clear insight into the lives of your Irish ancestors.

Let your family’s roots grow deep.

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Discover Your Irish Ancestry

If you are seeking out a professional genealogy service in Ireland, then we have the service for you. Oak Ancestry has over seven years of professional genealogy research, and we can provide research on any query related to Irish genealogy. No matter how big or small your needs are, we are here to help! 

With access to a wide range of genealogical records and archives, the Oak Ancestry team can supply you with a detailed research report based on your Irish ancestry. Your ancestry research report will provide you with a more rounded view of the story of your Irish family history.

Whether you are searching for proof of an ancestors Roman Catholic or Church of Ireland baptism records or indeed the location of an ancestors grave, Oak Ancestry have the ability to provide you with the best results regarding your Irish ancestry queries.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our Irish genealogy services and we will help you to get started on your quest of finding those elusive Irish ancestors.


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