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Marie Cahill was born in County Clare in the West of Ireland and is the founder of Oak Ancestry. She is an experienced genealogist having carried out research for clients of the Irish Ancestry Research Centre. She has carried out extensive research for those with ancestors from all corners of Ireland. Marie has also been involved with digitisation projects for Clare County council, Clare library and the Clare Heritage and Genealogy Research Centre.

Her genealogical and historical studies have covered many areas of Irish Ancestry Studies and she holds a Masters Degree in the History of Family from the University of Limerick.

Although Oak Ancestry is based in county Clare, research for our clients covers all four provinces of Ireland.


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About Oak Ancestry

Oak Ancestry is an Irish genealogy service that offers a friendly, professional and confidential Irish genealogy service for those who wish to explore the story of their Irish ancestry and heritage. Whether you are seeking a gift for a loved one or you want to go on your own personal journey, Oak Ancestry will endeavor to provide our clients with a clear and detailed genealogy report at an incredible price. 

We help people discover their family’s history. We specialize in connecting families from around the world with their Irish heritage through our unique and detailed Family Research Reports. Our reports are written in a socially contextualized way which enables our clients to fully understand the environment their ancestors lived in. Not only will our clients learn about their ancestor(s) names, addresses and other personal information, but they will also gain an understanding towards how their lives played out at a given time and place in Irish history. Take a look at our sample genealogy report to learn more.

Oak Ancestry can also provide a forward tracing service which will allow for our clients to make connections with their living relatives in Ireland. If you are interest feel free to contact us today for more information.

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