“I found Oak Ancestry to be quite professional, well organized and very responsive. I felt that the services provided were thorough and that my research was handled by competent staff.” Janet, Rochester, New York, USA.

“I just finished reading my family history report. Wow! It’s incredible that the team were able to piece together my family’s past right back to the mid 1700′s. I can’t wait to share it with my mom and her sisters.” Cathy, British Columbia, Canada.

“Excellent value for money! Not only did Marie find the answer to my question regarding my great-grandfather, I was also pleasantly surprised at the amount of extra information provided. I am now left with a well rounded story of how my ancestor’s life played out. I will most definitely be ordering the presentation folder to give as a birthday gift to my mother. Thank You Oak Ancestry!” Jess, Waterford, Ireland.

“I am so happy with my family history report, I cannot believe all of the information provided!It was far more than I expected and in my opinion, was worth much more than the price I paid. I also appreciate the manner in which the history of my ancestor’s time and place was woven in as a means of both supporting the research as well as giving me a clearer idea of what my ancestors experienced. I had hit a brick wall with one of my Irish grandparents and so it has been a life-long dream to get this information.” Rich, Rochester, New York, USA.

“After a whirlwind tour of Ireland, I was delighted to find that Marie and the team at Oak Ancestry were able to firmly establish that connection between me and the beautiful coastal county from where my ancestors hailed. The details provided in my report were easy to read and all fit together perfectly. I would highly recommend this service.” Phil Kearns (former Australian Rugby Captain), Sydney, NSW, Australia.

“All of us doing genealogical research run into brick walls from time to time. If you’re truly stuck, it’s time to call in a professional. Marie at Oak Ancestry is that professional. She researches thoroughly and provides excellent reports with background information on possible ancestors that gives you a well rounded picture of the region and times in which your ancestors lived. Oak Ancestry is absolutely worth the money spent. In our particular case, she found the first tangible and logically credible evidence of the parents of my GG grandparents. No one in our family knew who they were and this dates back 150 years! From this information, we have been able to continue the search to hopefully round out a fuller picture of the family in Ireland. My grandfathers who began this quest 80 years ago with limited resources compiled four boxes worth of data on ancestors on all sides of the family dating back 500 years, but had no success with my Irish GG grandparents who emigrated to the States in 1865. My sister began trying 30 years ago in correspondence with a genealogist in Ireland to no avail. Marie, at Oak Ancestry was able to find records needed to help us in this journey of discovery in short order. But, it didn’t stop there. We still correspond regularly and are continuing the search. Plus, Marie is timely in responding to queries and quite honestly, does more work than she is being paid to do. I cannot recommend Marie and Oak Ancestry more highly. If you’re at an impasse, do yourself a favor and get in touch with them and continue your discoveries.” Scott, Pomona, California, USA.