Family Research Report

Oak AncestryOnce your First Step application form has been evaluated and you are happy to continue your search for your ancestors, we can then proceed with your Family History Report. Here, at Oak Ancestry, our family research reports are always written in a socially contextualised way which will ensure that the client is reading not only about their ancestor(s) names, addresses but also how their lives played out at a given time and place in Irish history. In order to commission your own family history research report, it is necessary to first complete our free first step application form.

Priced at just €225 per family history report, our research rates are among the most competitive in the market. Here at Oak Ancestry we are dedicated to providing you with value for your money and so before you decide whether or not to purchase our service, we encourage you to read our sample reports
so you will know what to expect.

Our family history reports are based on findings from your First Step assessment and will require a full day’s research which will include:

• The purchase of up to four birth/marriage/death records where necessary.

•A family tree chart.

•Recommended places of interest with special references to your Irish ancestral heritage.

•Recommended reading material with special references to your Irish ancestral heritage.

•Further information, where possible, regarding your Irish ancestors.

•A brief history on your ancestor’s parish or county of origin.