Genealogy – The First Step

Our free Irish genealogy assessment form is easy to complete. Every family is unique therefore the level of information related to your ancestor’s family may vary. But we don’t give up easily! So let’s get started, we will need some details to help you on your journey of discovery. Below you will find our First Step application form which you can fill in and submit to us. Don’t worry if you cannot fill it all out, just answer as many questions as you can and leave the rest to us!

This step will help us to evaluate the records available for your Irish ancestors. Once you have submitted the free genealogy assessment form we will set out to determine if a search is viable and contact you with the results within three working days.

Note: Report content is  based on information provided. Once this form is submitted, any spaces left blank will allow us to presume that the answer is unknown by you and other familial sources. Any pre-existing information submitted after a commissioned report has been written will warrant only a new commissioned search.